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Our Services

Our dedication to providing high quality professional on site fabrication, installation and welding services for new building developments and projects has positioned us as one of the best in the industry. We establish relationships with our customers with integrity. We earn their trust with honest, dependable work and cost efficiency. The key to our working relationship with our customers is our communication. We continually strive to better ourselves and improve our systems, products and services to provide our customers with a professional end result they have come to expect.

Custom Welding

With our expertise in welding any material on any surface we have the knowledge and ability to design and custom weld parts and products according to your individual specifications and unique business requirements.


GWS is competent and proficient  in drafting your specific requirements and utilises it as part of the design and fabrication processes. Drafting can be done by hand or by using specially designed computer programs and mechanical drawings.


Offering a full installation service, GWS has the ability and equipment to install on site fabricated materials as well as the installation of ready made products, making them ready for use.


GWS can design innovative creative solutions that can be applied to your specific product needs. We develop these solutions in-house to the required standards which can then be manufactured.
This can be achieved through computer aided software.


GWS can fabricate most raw stock materials for your project needs and turn it into parts for use in an assembly process. This can include cutting, folding, machining, punching, shearing, stamping & welding.


GWS has vast expertise in repairs and restoration of  broken, damaged, or failed parts and equipment to an acceptable operating or usable condition. We are mobile and can get you back up and running quickly.

Pressure Welding

GWS rely on and utilise your detailed specifications and requirements when pressure welding, ensuring each weld is completed to those specified standards using appropriate equipment and materials, while following the employer’s recommended procedures.


This area is underpinned by our knowledge of structural engineering. GWS ensures that the design and construction of its frames and structures can withstand any physical forces or displacements without danger of collapse or loss of serviceability or function.

Featured Projects

Here are some of our featured projects, but please feel free to head over to our project gallery to see more

About Us

GWS Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd (GWS) previously trading as Goodwill Welding Solutions was established within the last decade and prides itself on the quality of service and professional expertise that it brings to each project. As a business we offer our customers peace of mind, industry knowledge, the latest equipment and resources as well as the people that can weld any material you require.

Our Values
GWS prides itself on its core values ensuring excellence in service, safety and quality of work. These statements form the core principles that motivate and guide the company today and into the future.

  • Excellence

    GWS provides excellent, high quality around the clock service and performance, on time, within budget and with competitive pricing. We are proactive in the latest welding and fabrication techniques and machinery, as well as dedicated to continuous improvement ensuring high quality service and craftsmanship.

  • Safety

    Safety to us is Paramount. We provide a safe workplace to all our employees and safety cultures which involve best practice in both OH&S and the environment. Together with our employee’s we shall provide an environment that ensures safety for all concerned.

  • Customers

    We believe that the customer is not dependent on us, we are dependent on the customer. We value complete customer satisfaction and strive to build continued long-term relationships built on trust, mutual respect and professional expertise.

  • People

    Without our people we cease to exist. We nurture and treat our employees like family and seek to ensure all can reach their full potential, providing training, development opportunities and a safe work environment.

  • Community

    GWS values its place in the local community providing employment opportunities for locals, participation in local fund raising and charity events, as well as thoughtful consideration for the environment in the way we recycle and dispose of our waste materials.


Mirror polished handrails


Welding and fixing


Fabrication and installation


Inspected and tested

Our Projects

Productivity improvements can come from many different areas in the total fabrication process, e.g. general design, detailed design, contract drawings, CNC instructions, cutting and profiling, welding, inspection, finishing etc.

It needs to be realised that optimising the welding process and procedure in isolation may have only a small effect on overall productivity.

Productivity improvements could also come from greater standardisation in steel specifications and in joint details and from modularisation of large structures to reduce the time spent on site fabrication and erection.

  • Weld metal parts, fill holes, indentions, or seams of metal products using hand-held metal joining equipment.
  • Studying blueprints, sketches, or specifications.
  • Calculating dimensions to be welded.
  • Inspecting structures or materials to be welded.
  • Maintain equipment and machinery.
  • Compared to riveting or bolting, welded structures tend to be stronger, lighter-weight and cheaper to produce.

What others say about us

It has been a pleasure working with GWS over the last couple of years updating their business branding and materials. I am currently updating this website to reflect the new look and feel and will be uploading all the testimonials in the near future. I look forward to working with GWS in 2019.

Alex TaylorDirectorTaylormade